Pastor at Grace Jim Bourman

Pastor Bourman graduated from Northwestern College in 1976 and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1980. He’s pastored churches in Michigan, Texas, New York and Minnesota. He and his wife, Hope have seven children and a growing group of grandchildren. Our pastor believes and preaches that Jesus had to suffer for the sins of humanity-all of us. He knows that Jesus rose from death for him, all of us at Grace and all humanity. Everyone who believes in Jesus has the same Life Jesus lives today because he rose from death. Pastor Bourman knows and trusts Jesus as we do. We thank the Lord for him. He searches the Scriptures and teaches us as Jesus says, ‘to put his Word into practice.’ That is a tall order but not nearly the task our God took on himself when he sent his Son to save the world. This is our prayer that God’s Spirit give us power in and through His Word to glorify Jesus Christ. We want to make the Lord Jesus look good by the way we talk and act. We know the kind of God and Savior he is. He is grace. A lot of people on this planet still need to know Him by faith. We’ve got some telling to do so people can join the Christian Church on earth believing in Jesus Christ. We know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want more people to know his grace and share our eternal joy in him.